Please inform your Applicant that they do NOT need to wait for the email form the FCC to pay their fees.   The can login to the FCC CORES site https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/paymentFrnLogin.do    to pay their fees without receiving an email!    We have received calls from people who say they never received the FCC email about paying fees.   W5YI processes sessions as soon as they are received.   ExamTools sessions are processed first thing in the morning and if they come in during the day ( before about 3pm CDT)  they are processed before the end of the day.  Your applicant can login and check to see if fees are due without waiting for the FCC email.

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!   Tell your applicant to NOT make any changes to a pending application!   If they make a payment and then decide to change for example, something in their name but the application has not granted yet, IT WILL NEVER GRANT and their payment is “lost”.   The application will have to be withdrawn and resubmitted and a new fee will be required.   THEY CANNOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO A PENDING APPLICATION!!  If a change needs to be made let the application grant AS IS, Then call W5YI VEC 1-800-669-9594 and ask Tracy to submit any changes or corrections.
Thank you