Marshall ARC

Welcome back to the Marshall Amateur Radio Club. The club meets as a group on the first Saturday of each month (unless we move the meeting around to accommodate for holidays). Our meetings are held at the ESD3 Central station located at 9432 US-80 East in Marshall.

The club operates two 2-meter repeaters (146.860 and 145.300) and a 70-cm repeater (444.150). All repeaters have a 146.2Hz access tone, and use standard offsets. the 146.860 and 444.150 repeaters are currently linked 24/7, with plans to incorporate 145.300 into the linked system in the near future. There is also an Echolink node connected to this system (KB5MAR-R #623991)

There is a weekly net held on the 146.860/444.150 linked system on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm Central time. During this net, we are also linked to the 146.670 repeater in Shreveport, La. Any amateur properly licensed to operate on these frequencies is welcome to check in with us.